Ticky-Ticky is a twelve-year-old with a secret: He is the youngest
son of the infamous trickster Anansi the Spider-man. Hiding in the
human world, Ticky-Ticky fears his father’s enemies will recognize
and punish him for being the butt of Anansi’s embarrassing pranks.
Now, the joke’s on Ticky-Ticky.  A school incident forces him to
follow his missing father’s footsteps on a dangerous quest across
time and reality. Riding a magical ghost-bat canoe with a dog of the
dead as his guide, Ticky-Ticky encounters Anansi’s folkloric foes
out for revenge. After a lifetime of avoiding his father’s legacy, can
Ticky-Ticky find his father before he loses his life or even worse:
becomes just like him? This is part one of a trilogy.
Copyright 2007 by
Michael Auld
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Ticky-Ticky's Quest..
Right: Anansi
the Spider, with
gold symbols,
goes missing.
Above: Ticky-Ticky in his
classroom daydreaming
about his missing dad.
Ticky-Ticky and his best friend
Iggy Iguana surrounded by floating
white Duppy balloon seeds.
Osebo the Leopard grabs at
Above: Cuffy the Obeah-man with
his zombi-making soursop puffer
Ticky-Ticky on the Island of the
Dead in the House of the Absent
(spirits) hanging from the ceiling.
Guayaba Maketaure, lord of the Afterlife,
seated in his bohio (round house) in front
of his symbol, the
guayaba or guava berry.
Above: Ti Malice stands behind
his dupe, Uncle Bouki, folkloric
characters of Haiti.
An albino bat follows Opiel, Hunting Dog of the Afterlife
as he materializes in Guayaba's loaned bat-canoe.
Haitian canoe-jackers leaving for America are surprised!
Guabancex, goddess of the Huracan, Rider of the
Winds with the Herald, Guatua-BA! and his twin
brother, Coatrisque, the Deluge. They snatched
the Spider-boy.
Ticky-Ticky met Anacaona (Golden Flower) on
Matinino, the Island of Women. Did Anansi
come here? After all, Matinino's twin is Guanin
(14k "Island of Gold").
The Story
Sculpture by the artist of Anacaona seated on her duho.
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